Today is Look Alike Day, National High Five Day third Thursday, Volunteer Recognition Day and the birthday of Michael Lewis, Pietro Aretino, Dinah Craik, Henry de Montherlant, Andrew Tobias, Sebastian FaulksRebecca Makkai

Tip: Work out what you will need to do to promote your work after it is published. A good rule of thumb is promotion should be ten percent of your writing time so if you spend ten hours a week in writing, one of those hours should be spent on promotion.

Thought: “The trick is not in becoming a writer, it is staying a writer. Day after week after month after year.” – Harlan Ellison

Teaser: This is National Look Alike Day and your character has a doppelganger – a body double – but this one is opposite in personality and creates havoc for him. How does the hero deal with him? Do they meet? What happens?