Tip: Try not to repeat big words in the same area unless you’re doing it for emphasis. For instance: She stared at the cliff. Climbing it would be impossible. She studied it some more. Okay, maybe not impossible, but definitely not easy. Then she got her first foothold. “No, I was right. Impossible.” – In this case, “impossible” is used for emphasis. But in another area, where characters are just repeating it because you couldn’t think of another word? That’s repetition and shouldn’t be done.

Thought: “Writing isn’t a crapshoot. Publishing, yes – but not writing. Writing is a craft.” – Terry Brooks

Teaser: In “A Picture of Dorian Gray”, the picture ages while the man does not. If offered the chance for immortality, would you take it? Why or why not? What if immortality meant you would continue to age – but never die?