Tip: Put away the computer/tablet/phone and write by hand. Sometimes this jumpstarts your brain in ways that looking at an electronic screen can’t. The flow of the pen (or pencil or crayon or whatever) across the paper – the very act of physically writing settles into your mind and you can write more.

Thought: It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness – Seneca

Teaser: The thirteenth of November is Sadie Hawkins Day, a holiday that originated in Al Capp’s “Lil’ Abner” comic strip in the 1930’s. In the strip, the mayor of Dogpatch was desperate to marry off his ugly daughter, so he created Sadie Hawkin’s Day. On this day, a race is held and all the single men were given a short head start. If a woman caught her man, he had to marry her. This was a big deal in those days. Your assignment is to create a he/she holiday (not Valentine’s Day!) that will bring two people together who would not otherwise be together. Have fun with it!