Today is National Techies Day, Virus Awareness Day (I don’t know if this refers to physical or computer viruses, but we should all be aware of both!

Thought for the Day: There is no agony like having an untold story inside you. – Truman Capote

Editing Tip: Homonyms are the scourge of writers. Words like: they’re/their/there, wine/whine, two/to/too, whose/who’s, pour/poor/pore, lead/led, you’re/your, etc. These words cannot be found by spell checker because they are spelled correctly – but they are often used incorrectly. If you can’t tell the difference (please learn!), find someone who can. Your editor will appreciate your effort.

Jumpstart: Your character looks in his/her fridge and sees… what? Do they need to go grocery shopping? Or do they order takeout? Where do they go – a large box store, or a quaint shop? What do they buy? What about your villain (if you have one) – how do his/her tastes differ from your main character?