Did YOU know?!?


Ever wondered where certain phrases come from? I always do 🙂 I love to know the origins of phrases, especially the ones that we use every day without knowing where they started. So let’s get knowledgeable! My brother got me a set of cards called The Origin of Expressions, which I love, so I’ll be using some of those too.

Ever been called the whipping boy? That’s generally used when someone is regularly the one who gets blamed even if it’s not their fault. This originated from the time of monarchs in Europe. Misbehaving young princes had servant boys to take beatings for them when they were to be punished. I wonder if they ate their peas for them too!

Do you tell your loved ones to sleep tight? Bed frames were made with ropes pulled tightly between the frame rails to support a mattress long ago. If the ropes got loose the mattress sagged and was uncomfortable.

That’s hogwash! This has to do with untruths or nonsense. Hogwash was kitchen food scraps and liquids people would feed to their pigs. So it’s hogwash.

For all you lefties out there: South paw – In the early days of baseball, the standard field was set up so that center field was to the east and the batter looked west. The pitcher’s left side was on his south side, hence south paw!

Do you have one? Show me your know- what-for by posting something that everyone says that perhaps they don’t know where it came from.

I’ll leave you with one more.Top Banana – this one comes from a popular comedy skit during the period of burlesque shows where the main comedian was given a banana after delivering the joke’s punch line.

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