Tricksy Tuesday


So we had Techy Tuesday, now how about Tricksy Tuesday?

Some tricks to help you out if you’re stuck…

Let’s say a scene isn’t going so well (or a painting or a song). Take a walk, clear your head, sing something silly like Baa Baa Black Sheep. Free up those brain cells with something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking and then get back down to it.

How about if you’re really stuck? Try going at it from a broad perspective and then narrow, narrow, narrow until you distill it to the essence of what you want to say. Broad picture could be you want him to kiss the girl. Where are they? How can he get his lips on her? What are they doing before? Why now when not before?

Play the WHAT IF game? This is one of my favorites because you can be as ridiculous as you want to be. What if spaceships came down and threatened him that if he didn’t kiss the girl they had a probe with his name on it? What if he reaches around her to get something out of the cabinet and she misinterprets his actions and stands on tip toe to match him? What if he comes in for the big lip smacker and she turns her head to cough? What if…

Another great one is to think of all the things that couldn’t possibly happen and in that way run right into what should happen.  He couldn’t possibly be running at full steam, trying to save a kite from blowing away and accidentally railroad into her embrace. Or could he? She couldn’t possibly think he’s coming to tell her he thinks she needs to change her deodorant only to have him kiss her into silence because she’s being ridiculous. Or could she?

Play with it. Writing, and really anything creative, should be fun or at least enjoyable in some manner. If it’s not then make it so and tell that spaceship to go take a hike!

Wordy Wednesday…Coming up!



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