Art: Henry Alonzo!


Let’s get to know Henry! He’s a great guy who I did a HUGE scavenger hunt with a while back. We had such a great time and have stayed in contact. I’m happy to know him and I am ecstatic that he agreed to share some of his story with us. Enjoy!



Born and raised in San Antonio Texas I was a kid with a lot of short comings which later caused me to become very shy and reserved. I was that small kid in the back of the class who was constantly lost and didn’t talk much. But it gave me chances to just observe the world and the people around me. As a kid I didn’t know what to do with this. Eventually by the age of 10 I met a man who made sense of everything for me. He also effected my life greatly and made me into who I am today. He taught me how to see the world and notice that it wasn’t that people where one way without explanation but that they all have a story behind them. An entire universe. He told me all these stories that helped me learn important morals. he was a great mentor. without him I don’t think I would be the person I am today. eventually I started exploring different ways to create. I do write some times. But that wasn’t my entire passion.



Shortly after having to move, my family went into some trouble. Long story short no one so young should be left that alone by those who are suppose to be kind. I felt trapped emotionally and angry. but as I got older I started exploring how to create and found that the best outlet for me was art. In high school I took art classes with one of the coolest teachers one can ever have. I also got to see my old mentor again. drawing and painting seemed to have a deep impact on me that I needed in my life. I also really got into stories of different kinds of medias. all the different techniques I can use, all the various types, interpretations, stories, moods, ect. so I just started to create and ever since I have been making art. I even got one of my pieces in art gallery for a week and got to shake hands with Joaquin Castro. two years ago the man who inspired me had died. but his spirit lives on. to this day its hard to even fathom the fact that hes gone. but I continue to repeat everything he use to say and always begin and end each piece I do with the same passion. I may not be very far in life, but I am still very young and I won’t waste my potential. after all I did make a promise.



based off of an story of a tradition similar to the old paper lanterns from what i hear. it was said to believe that those balloons carried lost souls saved by the village sent to go rest. the tradition is no longer kept. so i decided to make this piece about it. saving lost souls




What kinds of things do you generally paint or take pictures of?


well, generally I like to draw anything that captures great emotional messages or things that inspire curiousness in me. some of the things I draw confuse people.



What inspires you to create?


primarily interesting fables and and legends. as well as specific songs that remind me of fictional places and stories. those two come hand in hand to me. I also get inspired by standard forms of literature and comic books. but as of recently its been Ideas that I ask myself about the strangest things.



Do you have the picture already in your mind before you draw it or do you start painting and uncover it?


Most of the time yes. other times I just go with what feels right and see what I end up with out of instinct. I find that this way is more fun. because then it will be just as much of a surprise for me as well when it’s done. Sometimes music has a big hand in it as well. for example I had no godly idea how my tribute to van gogh was going to end up. but at the same time I felt deep down how it should look and feel like without having to worry about practically flying blind on it. if any of that makes sense.


Do you have a favorite painting of yours?


Yes I have two. on my wall I made a ball point pen drawing of a scene that came into my head about one of my favorite stories. for some reason this is the one in particular that never gets old and reminds me of what is just so fun and interesting about both creating and celebrating art. and the other is the pocket watch I constantly carry around. it was a Christmas gift from a good friend. he was curious to what I could do with it, so I refurbished it and engraved on almost all the pieces. he seemed shocked I got it that clean.


Who would you consider an influence on your art?


many people, Vincent Van Gogh for one. Ivan Reis and Francis Manapul, their two of my favorite comic book artists. I love what they do with their work. my old mentor. He influenced me to get creative and think bigger. And my high school art teacher who taught me almost everything I know. To this day I cannot make a new drawing or painting without hearing “needs more value” in the back of my head.



Do you listen to music when you paint? Who?



I do, I listen to anything that would inspire and keep a specific emotion or mood so that I can keep my inspirations momentum going. which sorta makes for a really random play list consisting of bands and artists like Owl City, Pet Shop Boys, Night Wish, and various movie sound tracks. in fact a few of my pieces were made by focusing on one song while sketching. Like the drawing I have on my wall,  that one was made while listening to “On Melancholy Hill” by The Gorillaz.



Tell me something quirky about yourself.


I watch tokusatsu shows. they are basically Japanese live action science fiction or fantasy shows and or movies. movies like the Godzilla movies and shows like Kamen Rider or Super Sentai. I also name my pets weird names. I have two cats. one named Oswin (a girl) and the other named Socks (a boy) both don’t seem to like their names. I also love to review, watch, and joke about bad movies. its so much fun and the joke material just falls out of these things.


What do you aim to make people feel when they view your art?


it depends on the drawing or painting but most of the time I want them to be able to look at these drawings and I want it to remind them of just how great it was to be not only a kid but what a gift it is to have an imagination. and that its never too late to regain it. If it can be remembered, it can come back. there are other instances where I choose a specific message to tell. though less often, I do take as much care with those as I do with any other pieces



What’s next for you?



I intend to get my illustration degree and make children’s picture books. all the while doing what I love. but for the more immediate future I am making a series of pieces exploring different styles each reflecting the texture of the story it tells. however I do try to leave time open for commissions when their requested.


Do you sing in the shower?


ha ha I haven’t done that in quite some time. mostly because I’m self conscious about my singing.
What is are some fears of yours and do you incorporate these fears in your art?


yes and no. When I do its very subtle and doesn’t take up the purpose of the main subject. but I think if I had to choose my biggest fear. it would have to be any type of bee/wasp. as a kid I got stung a lot…plus their just plain creepy to look at to me. how ever I wouldn’t mind painting or drawing them. they seem interesting when being drawn. I just don’t like going near live ones..but fear is still an interesting subject to draw.


Which drawing or painting did you have the most fun making and why?


hands down my Van Gogh tribute. so much blue! I couldn’t help but get so into it that I felt a deep attachment to the piece. I got to experiment with my own technique and study the man. and felt a very passionate about how much thought went into making it and proud. still, I eventually gave it as a gift to a good home of friends I am very close to. but that doesn’t mean Its going to be the only tribute.


What kind of art do you make on your spare time?


comic book art mostly. all thought recently I have been going on a replica making spree with air dry clay. also fan arts pretty fun. none profit and strictly for fun of course. I don’t sell what I don’t create. but I also make personal little portraits for around my room.



You can find Henry at:




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  1. I am a very good friend of Henry’s and I am so lucky to have a painting of his – a van Gogh inspired piece that has a place of honor on my wall. It is incredibly beautiful. He is an amazing young man and I expect he will do great things in his life. And “needs more value”..that made me laugh,…I can hear it too.

  2. It’s always amazing to me how much other people affect us – and finding a mentor who left a good imprint on your life is a bonus. Good luck with your artistic endeavors.

  3. When I studied the image of your painting, I thought two words: “souls” and “freedom.” And then I read your description and was so excited that I got it right. LOL There is great emotion in your work as well as in your writing. I wish you the best of luck!

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