Tell It Tuesday!


So today I’m looking for a little audience participation.

This is where I work. 100_5153

Minus some of the crap, of course, and it’s too cold for that fan anymore. But you get the gist.

I have a cork board that is now full of snippets and ideas and sayings. I have books and music and a pinball machine in case I need some downtime. I also have a tiny desk that I can’t sprawl out across because when I sprawl I get lost and things pile up, obscuring what I’m trying to do and blocking me until I absolutely MUST clean up before I can write.

I write other places too but this is where most of the magic happens for me.

So where do you find you do your best work? Chair? Closet under the eaves? Anywhere you can possibly find that has a moment of quiet? Do you write on the counter top as you make dinner? Stay up and write on the living room sofa once everyone has gone to bed? Do you  have an actual office? If you do, do you use it?

The Whole Shebang wants to know 🙂 So tell it to me!

3 responses »

  1. I write in my rocker/recliner surrounded by bookshelves, laptop desk and laptop on my lap. Yes, I have a really nice office where I can work, but my chair is where I’m most comfortable and get the most done.

  2. I’m completely jealous of your office, Misty. A whole room for your writing career!

    I now have a corner of a room and an artist’s desk that slants too much, but it’s a big upgrade from the arm of the sofa where I’ve been writing from for the past few years!

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