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#3revisedThanks for having me back on The Whole Shebang. As a fantasy writer, reading and creating novels in series seems like a natural thing to me. Some fantasy series, think of the popular series by George RR Martin, The Game of Thrones, go on and on for upwards of ten volumes. Each book in those series might be upwards of 100,000 words. It means a lot of world building, a complex and deep study of the fantasy society as well as terrific character development. I love reading those kinds of works and I strive to write them.


I write romance as Susan Kelley. My newest release, The Marine’s Queen, is coming out at the end of March. It is the first book in my newest futuristic series, The Recon Marines and Redemption series. As with my other romance series, this will be a three book chronicle.

The Marines Queen cover

I have two previous romance series, The Solonian Chronicles, and The Tigers of Salubria. Each series has three or four books featuring a different hero and heroine but protagonists from the other books in the series make appearances in some spot throughout all the books. Each romance book, however, is a stand-alone book and can be read with no previous knowledge of the other novels in the series. As a writer, of course, I hope reading one of the books in the series will inspire a mad desire to purchase and read the other volumes.


Epic fantasy generally has a story arc that extends and expands with each novel. Unlike some famous fantasy writers like Goodkind and Jordan, my first epic series, The Futhark Chronicles, is only four books long, not more than a dozen.


My second epic fantasy series, The Morbunda Saga, is scheduled to be three or four books also. The opening book in that series, First Dragon, will be released later this spring. Both series contain all the world-ending dangers and battles between good and evil that are expected in an epic fantasy. I hope my readers find my created worlds as unique and interesting as the plots and characters.


One Good WomanI hope you’ll take a moment to check out some of my previous works and perhaps even add a like here and there or put them on your Goodreads bookshelf.


The Solonian Chronicles contains the four novels, The Greater Good, The Lesser Evil, A Ruthless Good and One Good Woman.


The Tigers of Salubria has three books, To Tame a Tiger, Tiger’s Mate and A Tiger’s Courage.

A Tiger's Courage

The Futhark Chronicles starts with The Keepers of Sulbreth and then continues in Beyond the Gate and Beneath the Mountain. The tense, action-packed epic concludes in The Heir of Futhark, being released in the middle of March.


My newest romance series will start off with The Marine’s Queen coming out on March 29th with two more books to follow.


My second epic series, The Morbunda Saga, starts off with First Dragon, coming to retailers in late spring or early summer.


As a reader do you like reading series? As a writer, do you write your novels in series? Are they stand-alone books or do you have a continuing story arc. How many books do you like to see in a series?


Thanks again to Shebang for having me. If you want to read more of my humble take on the world of writing and books in general, please stop by my blog, Susan Says.



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  1. I like both, too, and with series, I like both those that are loosely connected and those with more epic storylines.

    You’ve got so much going on this year! That’s fantastic! So, what made you make the jump to futuristic?

  2. Thanks for visiting, my friends.
    Natalie, my very first romance series was post-apocalypitic so it was futuristic. I love that genre as long as it’s not all about how big the guns on a space ship are. LOL. My son loves that stuff.

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