Art: Artemis Tsivgadellis-Stevens!


Artemis and I went to high school together and I absolutely adore her creations. I hope you will too! ~Misty
ArtemisHeadshotWhat kinds of things do you generally paint or take pictures of? I am constantly taking pictures of the jewelry that I design. I recently purchased a small photography studio that includes special soft lighting to make the Swarovski crystals pop in pictures. When business slows I can take some time to get creative with it an make my pictures better.

What inspires you to create? Well, I guess special occasions. If there is a special occasion for a friend upcoming I try to design something special just for them. Then after I design, other people can choose t make those designs there own by customizing with their own names or dates and birthstones.

Do you have the picture already in your mind before you create. All designs start on paper and sometimes they are perfect the first time sometimes they need revising.

Do you have a favorite necklace of yours? Well I LOVE all my necklaces but I guess my favorite is the broken heart styles for Mothernecklace3 and Daughter, Big Sister and Little Sister, and Best Friends

necklaceWho would you consider an influence on your art? Special Occasions and my Kids
Do you listen to music when you make necklaces? I do listen to music when I am making necklaces. Almost always it is Country on Pandora

What do you aim to make people feel when they view your art? Well yes, because I hope that people would feel like they are wearing their loved ones close to their hearts.

What’s next for you? Keep trying to expand my designs and grow my business.

Do you sing in the shower? No, but I definitely sing in the bathtub. I’m surprised my family hasn’t videotaped me yet!



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