Music: Nathan Rivera!


I love Nathan and I hope you will too. He’s funny and fun and has such a zest for life 🙂 Enjoy!


Music, my dearest friend.


When I was young you took me by the hand, in fact both hands! That’s when we started playing the piano. You were a family friend, you grew up with my father! You two traveled the world together. My brother knew you too. Sitting behind that red drum kit you and him could be heard throughout the neighborhood banging away on the cymbals.


Sometimes I wonder where I would be without you. Driving down the dirty city street I pull up to a stop light. Sitting on the sidewalk with a peculiar posture is an obviously deranged man holding an equally deranged sign. “If not for you…” I think to myself as I continue my city drive, my drive with you! I turn you up and smile, I can’t believe you knew Patsy Cline!


I pull up to our destination. Your song ends as I put my car into park. I love when that happens! I hurrely rush to turn the car off before the next song starts but I’m too late, and I think to myself… “hurrely?” In any case we have arrived. Together you and I step out into the streets of a new place, a new town. Accordion, guitar, harmonica, the necessary pieces to this puzzle we call life.


Walking into the Santa Monica club I hear some pop rock and you blaring loudly on the bar speakers. I am in disbelief, I can’t believe you hung out with those guys! Besides that fact here we are together and it’s minutes away from downbeat. I walk on stage, tune my guitar, arrange the microphones and pick up my accordion. Untangling my long hair from the accordion straps we are ready to play. The set begins. From one instrument to another, each song I am thankful that you are with me every step of the way. The sound man is doing a good job and I am so pleased to have both him and you on my team. My 45 minutes of fame come to an end. I thank the sound guy and internally thank you. You did a good job tonight Music, too bad nobody was listening!


It’s a long drive home but we don’t really mind, we are so busy focusing on each other that time dissipates in the blink of an eye and we have arrived. It’s late and I’m tired but you keep me up. We walk outside and under the gentle light of the moon and stars we make soft and equally gentle sounds come out of the resonator guitar. It’s fun in a quiet way. Sitting on my lone mountain top, I hear the distant city sounds below me and I wonder where you will take me next. The world Music, I want to see the world.


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