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lyn1GLH: Thanks Misty for having on your site, it’s a real pleasure to be here.

MS: What genre do your books fall into or is it a genre blended?

GLH: Paranormal romance. It’s a blend of drama, thriller and comedy moments, really. J

MS: What inspires you to write?

GLH: Everything. A drive, people watching, reading, movies… hmmn alleys too—I like the dark dingy stuff J. I’m always creating in my head, even when I’m not writing.

MS: Do you listen to music or set the mood somehow to get writing?

GLH: Absolutely. It differentiates depending on the scenes. But I love musical scores, especially when I write my first draft as opposed to music with words. I have a playlist I wrote to for Absolute Surrender, its on my website.

616705_514408275241967_2123821553_oMS: Do you come up with the plot or characters first?

GLH: Hmmn… hard to say. When I wrote this book, it started off with an idea, but in subsequent books, I started with the characters. I then played around with few ideas and went with the one that resonated within me and fitted my characters.

MS: Do you have a favorite book of yours?

GLH: I have several from different genres. But in the genre I write, my current fave is Caressed by Ice and Lover Unbound.

MS: Who would you consider an influence on your writing?

GLH: My daughter, in the sense she never gave up even when I wondered if I could tackle this project. But I’m so glad she was there for me. And of course my favorite authors. Nalini Singh for her sensual love scenes, JR Ward for her uber male heroes. Dean Koontz for the scare factor.

MS: Tell me something quirky about yourself.

GLH: not quirky per se. I don’t share jellybeans, not even with my kids, which of course they find cute. *snorts*

MS: What do you aim to make people feel when they read your books?

GLH: That love can conquer and overcome all obstacles. Sigh. I’m a hopeless romantic. I throw my characters into the deepest hell and let them fight for their HEA. But more, I want anyone who reads my books to be captured by my characters and be drawn in by them and root for them all the way.

MS: What’s next for you?

GLH: I’ve just finished Darkness Undone, my second book and am currently working on revisions for my third book, also completed, a standalone paranormal romance.

MS: Do you sing in the shower?

GLH: Good God, no! I would never subject anyone to that horror. I do something far better in there…I go through scenes in my head that is difficult to write. I find water soothing, and usually, it helps unravel the blockage.



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BIO: Georgia Lyn Hunter, she’s happiest with a book in her hand and never thought about writing, too busy devouring the books out there, then she read her first paranormal romance several years ago the writing bug bit. She loves creating strong, alpha heroes who think they need no one and the heroines come along and knock them on their gorgeous asses.

She enjoys brainstorming with her daughter over new ideas and have several book ideas plotted out for the story Arc. Now she just wants an extra pair of hands to get it out, because she complains her brain is like a hive, her characters voices too loud, and they all want out. J

She’s excited to finally live her dream with the release of her first book.

Georgia Lyn grew up on the tropical climate of South Africa and now lives in Qatar with her husband and her two children. When she’s not writing or plotting her next novel, she enjoys reading, catching up on missed TV shows and being with her family.

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  1. Great interview ladies. Congratulations on your book release Georgia. I like that you want people to get that love conquers all obstacles. It really does doesn’t it?

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