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MarinesQueenSMThanks for having me back on The Whole Shebang. I’m thrilled to announce the release of my newest futuristic romance, The Marine’s Queen. With all the advancements in genetic coding and the hopes and fears that go with that, I think readers will find my ‘super soldier’ story has an interesting take on the idea.


The plot of genetically enhancement isn’t unheard of in science fiction. From Kahn of Star Trek fame to Kurt Russell in Soldier, the fiction genre has treated this topic in a variety of ways. The Recon Marine, Joe, in my novel is more along the lines of normal psychological expectations than the aforementioned examples, but he struggles to understand the civilian world he was created to protect but never expected to occupy. Some of his difficulties will make you laugh but at the same time you feel a bit sorry for him. He needs a special woman to help him fit into a life without battles.


Here’s a short blurb:


Queen Callie Adell’s enemies want her for the secret elixir only her bloodline can produce. She flees an abduction attempt and lands in the arms of the most feared military man in the universe. Recon Marine Captain Joe, a genetically enhanced soldier, knows little of civilian life or of women. But his body knows what it wants from Callie even if his mind suffers mostly confusion in her presence.

Joe’s sense of honor and duty demands he protect the queen even if she can never overlook his unnatural origins and love him as a man. But neither of them can ever be safe if Callie doesn’t protect Joe from those who want to destroy him as much as her enemies wish to capture her. Only if she can civilize her marine will the world accept him as more than a living weapon. But can Callie convince Joe that he’s a man first, her man, and a marine second?


You can buy The Marine’s Queen in ebook here.


If you prefer a paperback copy, you can find it on Amazon.


Thanks again to Shebang for having me. If you want to read more of my humble take on the world of writing and books in general, please stop by my blog, Susan Says.


Have you ever watched the Star Trek movie with Kahn in? I heard they might remake it sometime. Did you see Kurt Russell in Soldier? Do you think we’ll have genetic engineering to improve the human body anytime soon?


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  1. Hi, Sue! Congratulations on your release!

    I think this is a popular theme to explore for a lot of reasons. I love genetically enhanced characters because *I* want to be genetically enhanced. LOL I’d love to be able to jump a fence (or a building) or analyze body language or sense life, to be strong and fast and agile and able to heal.

    I think the military is absolutely financing science with this goal in mind, since warmongering has always been and always will be a part of humanity, and they’re always seeking an edge. I’m not sure how close we are to it, because it’s so much easier to imagine than to actually engineer, with the complexity of our bodies and minds.

    Can’t wait to read this book and see your take on it!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Laura and Natalie. If I could be ‘enhanced’ I think I’d want that gene my son has to eat endlessly and not gain a pound, but I’d want to not have to run 12 miles a day.

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