Jubilee Day!



Every year my town of Mechanicsburg, PA, is home to the largest one-day street fair in the eastern United States!  In 1923, the fair was started on the third Thursday of June as an agricultural and merchants ‘thank you’ for the support of the community.  It continues on today as a great tradition. We usually have about 60,000 people show up in our little burg to enjoy food, games, art, music and the community. This year is no different.


There are also rides and lots of great vendors and info. I love that this still goes on in our town. Parking can be a pain in the keister but there are churches in the area where you can park and then they’ll bus you in. We always go in the morning then take a nap (LOL) then go back for the afternoon. Several stages are set up for music and the great art gallery on Market is open, so is the Rosemary House, home to adorable garden pixies.

I’m rocking the Main Street.

Do you have any traditions in your town that are long standing?

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