The Return of Did You Know


Life stuff happens and makes for some re-prioritizing 🙂 I’m bringing back several of the features now that some of the “Stuff” has calmed down. Vicky Burkholder has been doing an awesome job with Wordy Wednesday so it’s time for me to step up and get back into the game. We have some awesome guests coming up and I hope you’ll give them a look.

So, on to Did You Know…

Carrying the bride over the threshold… Why is this done? I found an article at HowStuffWorks that says in some cultures it was to protect the bride from seeming too eager to lose her virginity! In other it was believed to be bad luck if the bride tripped going into her new house so the man carried her to keep that from happening. And in other cultures it appears that oftentimes the best man was actually their to keep an unwilling bride or her family from taking off. He was like a shield between the groom and the angry in laws and a barrier for the bride not to leave. Because kidnapping could and did go hand in hand with weddings (thank goodness times have changed!) carrying a bride over the threshold was part of this stealing her away theme.

What about the ring on the left hand and ring finger? Well, this one I had heard before. Ancient cultures believed that the vein in that finger goes directly to your heart and so the ring placed on that particular finger signified your spouse being in your heart.

I’ve also heard that long ago bride’s carried flowers to hide the smell of not bathing. Back in the day people did not have showers of regular baths. Most everyone took a bath in the spring when the weather and water was warmer so your wedding was in May right after you took a bath and you carried flowers just in case you forgot to scrub behind your ears!

What traditions do you know the origin of? Share!



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