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????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Challenges Abound When Writing a Series

By Danita Cahill

Writing is a joy and a challenge.

Writing a series is doubly so.

First, there are all the characters to keep track of. Not only does the series writer have to keep track of the characters’ appearance – their hair and eye color for instance – but the author also has to keep straight the characters’ quirks, mannerisms and speech patterns.

And then there are the friends and families. Who are these characters’ siblings, parents and BFFs? Okay, got them figured out? Now remember them. Remember their looks, their ages, and their idiosyncrasies.

Oh, wait! Don’t forget locations. Wherever it is the characters call home – in my case, a small, Oregon town called Bellham – there are streets, houses, businesses, parks, lakes and churches. Those buildings and locales have to stay consistent throughout the series.

How does a writer juggle all these details?

I don’t know how others do it. Me? I’ve written what I call the “Bellham Bible.” I have a file for businesses and locations, another file for characters, and a third for miscellaneous notes.

I just released the first book in the Bellham Romance series, “Love at First Click” about a wedding photographer who falls head over heels with a stunning maid of honor. Only the photographer doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Besides, the maid of honor already has a boyfriend. And then things get complicated.

Picture 003I’m working on the next Bellham Romance series installment, a short story called “Harvey’s Pond,” as well as the third title in the series, “The Contest.”

As I work on books in the series, I am constantly opening up the appropriate file in the “Bellham Bible” and adding more notes.

Please wish me luck in keeping all these details straight! And if any of you fellow series writers have tips to share, they would be welcomed!

Love at First Click is available for Kindle.

You can find Danita Cahill on Facebook. Danita loves to hear from readers. Drop her an email:


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  1. I like to keep a notebook with sections like you have in files. I put a photos that resemble who and where I’m writing about on the cover.

    Love at First Click is a great read, Congrats on getting it out there for readers.

  2. Thanks, Paty! And thanks for sharing your ideas. I like the photos on the cover idea. It probably would be helpful to print my “Bellham Bible” and put it in a notebook. Easy access that way.

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