Make Valentine’s Day Last Longer…..


With this great Anthology! I love sweet romances and will definitely be giving this one a try. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

Valentine Romance anthologyTitle: Valentine’s Romance

Authors: Pat White, Jennifer Conner, Cary Morgan-Frates, Julie Kavanagh
Publisher: Books to Go Now
Genre: Contemporary Valentine Christmas Romance
Release Date: 1.9.2014
Length: 133 pages
Heat Rating: Sweet

Book Blurb:
Four sweet holiday romances to warm your heart. A collection of our choice for best short Valentine romances from your favorite best-selling authors.

The Wife Project: Enigmatic software genius A.J. Remington needs a wife to seem more accessible to potential clinets, but love cannot be a part of the equation. Having been burned, he knows that love is complicated and painful. A.J. is resigned to a live without love. Friend and personal chef Katy Walsh has also tasted her share of heartbreak thanks to a failed marriage and she’s determined to avoid that kind of pain, thank-you-very-much. But when Katy agrees to help Alex to choose a suitable woman for the role of wife, an unlikely recipe for romance consumes them both. Can it be that the perfect woman is standing in his kitchen? And will either of them be willing to risk falling in love as they work on… The Wife Project?

Love Comes for Valentine’s Day: At Christmas, Kara Hayward makes a pact with her girlfriends. She’s going to wear a headband of mistletoe until a man kisses her. The problem is it’s now Valentine’s Day. Will Kara be stuck wearing the headband of shame the rest of the year, or will she find Mr. Right in a place she never expects?

Red Soles in the Morning, Valentine’s Soaring (Story 2 in the Red Soles Series): In book one of the series, Red Soles at Night, Christmas Delight, Audrey Wells and Mack Hargrave meet on Christmas under inauspicious circumstances, when his dog, Winston, knocks her very expensive shoes into Lake Washington. Disaster quickly turns to attraction and love, but Mack must return home to Texas.
As book two opens, Audrey’s shoes have survived their dunking, but her heart may not survive Mack’s departure. Very much in love, the two are determined to pursue what they have started, but the very high-powered careers that force them to live in different states, keep thwarting their plans to reunite. Finally, in a fit of desperation, and with some prompting by her girlfriends, Audrey decides a surprise trip to Texas will be just what they need.Will it be everything she hopes it will be…or are the cards of separation and mischance still dealt against them?

Jessica’s Valentine Diary: Tom is handed a lost diary and, against his better judgement, he begins to read it. The deeper he reads, the more he starts to fall in love with the owner, Jessica and he sets out to find the unknown girl who has stolen his heart with her words.
If Tom finds Jessica can he convince her of his love? How will she react to the stranger who has read her deepest secrets? Is there a happy ever after to this story?

Kara took his hand. “This guy I know said not to play the what-if game. You seem to be a person who always makes sure others are safe, that’s why you left Ada at Make-Me-a-Bear. It’s usually safe. I think it’s more than your profession, it’s who you are or you wouldn’t be here and I would still be standing waiting for the bus.”

He nodded, not sure what to say. Kara said what he needed to hear, and hopefully earlier he’d done the same for her. It had been a long time since there was a woman he felt he could open up to.

They sat and listened to the rain patter on the windows. In a few minutes Kara’s head slumped down to rest on her arm. She’d fallen asleep. Jack drew her onto his shoulder. He didn’t want her to be cold.

As she slept, Jack tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She mumbled something and frowned. He wanted to wipe the frown from her face. It was a good thing he hadn’t been at the store earlier. He would have broken those numb-nuts’ heads for scaring her and the kids

This woman had no police training to handle situations like she’d been thrown into, but Kara did everything he would have. She put the kid’s safety before hers.

Kara was someone he didn’t see every day. Brave. Different. Special.

He’d just stay awhile longer until she woke up, he didn’t want to disturb her sleep.


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