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Books: Natalie J Damschroder


An Excerpt from a new romantic adventure by Natalie J. Damschroder, Hearts Under Siege, only 99 cents for a limited time!

HeartsUnderSiege500Molly murmured, “Fitz, come here.”

The curtain bunched, and Molly’s heart seized as if Brady’s fist clutched it rather than the padded polyester fabric. She circled the beds and squeezed up next to him, prying his fingers off the drapery. “It’s okay,” she whispered. “We’re safe here. You can let go.”

At first, she thought he would. His face went from stoic to tortured, crumpling like a tin can, and a sharp noise forced itself out of his throat. She leaned into him, offering herself as support, and he clutched her against his chest, burying his face in her neck.

His entire body tightened, harder, harder, and Molly held her breath, waiting for the explosion. And also because his arms were banded so tightly across her back she had no room to draw in air.

The explosion didn’t come. Instead his muscles slowly loosened, a deliberate progression as he held tightly to his control. He couldn’t go on like that, she knew. Mustn’t. He had to give in now, while they were safe, so he didn’t cave at the worst moment, later.

“Brady, love,” she murmured, raising her head and cupping his face in her hands. “It’s okay. Let go.”

I can’t.

Brady couldn’t form the words. Couldn’t explain to Molly that he was afraid if he released the rage and hatred and bone deep sorrow caged within him, he would never be able to regain control. If he was uncontrolled, he couldn’t protect her, or the data he was trying to get home. He stood still, his hands resting on her waist because he couldn’t seem to let her go, and she stroked his hair back from his face, murmured to him, comforted him. He wanted to accept it, to sink into her and let her absorb his pain, and he knew she’d let him. But she had her own grief, her own burdens. She didn’t need his, too.

Somehow, her body had curved closer, and suddenly, his awareness of her shifted. It wasn’t comfort he craved anymore, and his brain clicked off just as a sharp warning flashed across it. He closed his eyes, dropped his head, and for the first time in their three-decade friendship, he kissed his best friend.
Brady Fitzpatrick has spent a decade burying the pain of a broken heart while working for SIEGE, an information-gathering spy agency. That it kept him away from his family as well as his best friend Molly has been an unfortunate side effect. But when his brother, also an agent, is killed during a foreign op, Brady is drawn into a web of intrigue that threatens the lives of everyone he loves…

Molly Byrnes has loved Brady forever. As his best friend and a de facto member of the Fitzpatrick family, she holds them together in their crushing grief. But as a member SIEGE’s ground team, she doesn’t buy the official line about Brady’s brother’s “accidental” death and launches her own investigation—only to uncover a shocking secret that she and Brady must get to the bottom of before their target finds them.

Tangled emotions land them in bed together, opening Brady’s eyes to the incredible, fearless woman who’s been there for him all his life. But after a lifetime of disappointment, how can Molly trust the possibility of a future with him…or if they can count on any future at all?

Hearts Under Siege
by Natalie J. Damschroder
Romantic Adventure/Romantic Suspense
Entangled Ignite, 2014
ISBN 13: 9781622664948

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