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Books: Jane Leopold Quinn!


Today we give you Jane Leopold Quinn!


by Jane Leopold Quinn





Their affair was scorchingly sensual


Faye Burke, recently widowed, retreated to the coast of Maine to grieve and reassess her future. Her favorite part of the day is watching the sun rise out of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also when the man she considers her guilty pleasure runs along the beach.


Gil Farrelly, a successful painter, is trying to get his career back on track after the studio fire that destroyed everything. He starts his creative juices flowing every day by running on the beach. The lovely woman who watches him also gets his juices flowing and he’s determined to reinvent his career by painting her.


Faye’s combination of maturity and sensual vulnerability intrigue Gil and he wants to immortalize her on his canvas. She’s flattered, aroused and ultimately frightened of the emotions he incites. He claims not to care he’s younger by twelve years but she believes sooner or later he’ll come to his senses and seek out women his own age. Can Faye conquer her fears? Can Gil prove to her it’s not age separating them but her fear?



A PROMISE AT DAWN by Jane Leopold Quinn



With a clatter of easels, boxes of paints and glass jars of brushes, Gil set up on her porch. A stiff breeze swept across the space but a rattan wind screen at one end did a good job of protecting them. The day had started out cloudy and threatening rain and still held that promise. He had work to do before he could give in to the weather.

Faye had greeted him at the door, looking almost as adorable as she’d looked the night before. Today she wore light makeup and left her hair loose and wavy the way he’d asked her to. Denim cropped pants and a tight red sweater made her look like a teenager. She had to be in her early forties but it didn’t matter to him. She was very attractive no matter her age. “Let’s get started, shall we Faye?”

“Would you like some coffee or something else to drink?”

“Not right now but I’ll take you up on that later, okay? Why don’t you stand over there.” He indicated the corner of the porch. “Lean one hip on the railing.” When he came close, he was enthralled by the warm vanilla fragrance infusing her hair. He lifted a hand to touch the cloud-soft mass. She stilled, then shivered as if waiting for him to make a move. He wrapped his fingers in the silky strands.

She uttered a little cry, more of a whimper. Her lips parted, her eyes widened and met his with a flustered look. At that moment he wanted her fiercely. Before he’d known anything about her, she’d seemed fragile. He didn’t know much more now but a woman who still wore her wedding ring a year and a half after her husband’s death must have loved him very much. A woman like that would have depths of emotion.

He’d thought he was in pain from losing his studio and his work but Faye’s was far more significant. He didn’t want to see her grieve any longer but all he knew for sure was that he wanted to paint her for himself. He envisioned the scene in his mind. She was perfect for it. All that was left was to do her justice. Was it because he wanted to capture her beauty on canvas or because she got his juices flowing faster than any running could? He knew it was both.

He rested his forefinger under her chin and turned her face toward him. Giving her his most soothing smile, he said, “Relax, Faye, this won’t hurt a bit. Now I’m going over there.” He pointed toward his easel. “You’re going to lean here.” He tapped the railing. “And I’ll start some sketches.”

She gazed up at him with those incredible turquoise eyes, her confusion and longing speaking to him, raspberry-shaded lips pursed slightly. Mmm, the thought roared through his mind. Kiss her.

It’s too soon.

She’s not ready.

Just paint her.


A Promise at Dawn is available at Amazon

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“Good short story! Faye and Gil have very hot chemistry, and their story is heartwarming. I was surprised at the character development in such a short offering. Faye had suffered such a huge loss, and we were drawn in along on her new path in life.”


“Ms Quinn paints a detailed portrait of a woman re-awakening after the loss of her husband. Her emotional state is handled quite deftly. This story has pathos, passion and humor woven together. Gil and Faye’s story unfolds quickly and it’s a scorcher.”



Sensual fantasies were locked in my mind for years until a friend said, “Why don’t you write them down?” Why not, indeed? One spiral notebook, a pen and the unleashing of my imagination later, and here I am with more than a dozen books published. The craft of writing erotic romance has become my passion and my niche in life. I love every part of the creative process — developing characters, designing the plot, even drawing the layout of physical spaces from my stories. My careers have been varied — third grade school teacher, bookkeeper, secretary — none of which gave me a bit of inspiration. But now I’m lucky enough to write romance full time — the best job in the universe!


Labels/Tags: artist, contemporary, erotic romance, older woman/younger man, young widow


Jane Leopold Quinn

My Romance:  Love With a Scorching Sensuality  +




Are You Reading The Wrong Drawers?


Hi!  Just a short note to let you know that the next installment in The Ivy Morris Mysteries is available for purchase! If you dug hanging with Ivy the first time in Poison Ivy, I think you’ll enjoy the next step in her journey 🙂

TheWrongDrawers_w8824_med(1)Ivy Morris is back, and this time she’s determined to stay out of trouble. She’s comfortably ensconced in her costume shop, happy as a clam. Happy as a clam can be, anyway, when her father has moved in with her for an indefinite amount of time, putting her love life frustratingly on hold.

So when her best friend asks for help with an in-home demonstration party, Ivy jumps at the chance to get out of the house and away from Dad. She has no idea of the subject until she gets a look at the cookies. But that becomes the least of her troubles when she walks straight into another murder scene. One where she’s the prime suspect.

What else could go wrong? When you’re Ivy Morris, the only right answer is “everything.” With the help of hunky Ben Fallon, this girl will try to figure out why she’s being framed and what it has to do with her getting THE WRONG DRAWERS.



The Wild Rose Press


Barnes and Noble

It’s available in both eBook and paperback. Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday: Natalie J Damschroder


Hey out there! We’re trying something new. Here at The Shebang there are no old book, or older books, just books you haven’t read yet 🙂 So in the interest of getting them some love we’re going to start showcasing them. First up, the ever lovely Natalie. Enjoy!


KissOfRevenge500Why I Wrote A Kiss of Revenge


When I originally got the idea for this book, I was targeting Silhouette Bombshell, a short-lived line of romantic adventure novels focusing on kick-ass female protagonists and their journeys. Reese was in my head first, a woman who’d been widowed more than once, who had a history of molding herself to be whatever her husband needed. She had just begun to break out of that pattern when someone tried to kill her and ended up tearing her life to pieces, instead.


I was intrigued by the breaking point. When does it become enough? What has to happen to make a person grab hold of life in both hands and wrangle it to the ground—for right or wrong? How can a woman be single-minded in her pursuit of something even when she knows what it can cost her? I admit I have this trait. I’ll be bullish about finishing something, achieving something, even when I’ve passed a reasonable point. Now for me, we’re talking not getting dinner made because I’m trying to finish a client project, or falling behind in something at work because something else took longer than I’d anticipated. For Reese, it’s losing the guy who might finally be the right one because she can’t give up her quest for vengeance.


I hope you enjoy it!


A Kiss of Revenge

Marriage is completely over-rated, especially after Reese Templeton’s quadratic failure. She’d rather settle down to a solitary life of owning a bakery—after she tracks down the man responsible for her husband’s death and making her a human Taser full of enough electricity to short out a city block or send a man into cardiac arrest with just one kiss.

But alluring P.I. Griffin Chase is stirring up those feelings of need again. Only this time, her desire to be in his arms has nothing to do with her fear of loneliness and everything to do with the current charging through her body every time he looks at her…touches her.

Griffin hasn’t remained at Reese’s side just because of the spark that has nothing to do with her super-human talents. He’s willing to compromise his rock-solid principles so she can find closure. But before they can move on, he must help her catch her late husband’s killer, staying on track before she has a chance to exact her revenge. Because leading Reese to jail in handcuffs may just break his heart for the final time.

A Kiss of Revenge
by Natalie J. Damschroder
Romantic Adventure/Romantic Suspense
Entangled Ignite, 2013
ISBN 13: 9781622662067

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“This book has definitely lots of mystery with action and suspense all rolled into one. On top of that the author even managed to add some romance and a twist in the mix. I would have to say this was a great read and the characters that she created each brought their own stories to make this one a better one.”—Sue Ellen at GirlyGirlBookReviews



Griff appeared in the archway, a mug of coffee in each hand. He set one next to the towels.


“Do you still intend to go through with this tonight?”


“Of course.” She dumped the pile of towels into the now-empty basket, set it aside, and started on a pile of socks. Matching and folding required focus so she didn’t have to look at him. “Are you okay with that?”




Surprised, she twisted to look at him. He was slumped against the doorway, shoulders drooping, and the light in his eyes had dimmed. “But?”


He shrugged his free shoulder and stuck his empty hand into his jeans pocket. “But we’ll do it anyway, if you’re sure.”


“I am.”


There was silence while she dug through the sock pile, looking for mates. A question pressed to the front of her brain. She tightened her tongue against it until the pressure became too much.






“How come you’re not married? Or engaged or something.”


He snorted. “Where did that question come from?”


“Oh, you know.” She waved a hand. “Random thoughts.”


He straightened and turned so his back was to the wall, but fastened his eyes on his feet instead of her. “I was engaged once.”


She inhaled silently against the sudden stab in her chest. “What happened?”


Griff’s inhale was long and loud, the breath he let out slow and tired. “It’s a long story, but she had a brother who was trouble. She didn’t think he ever did anything wrong. And I couldn’t stay in love with someone with selective morals.”


The last words rang into the silence. Reese’s hands had stilled, bunched around fistfuls of socks. She couldn’t turn, couldn’t offer the commiseration or comfort that he deserved.


“So you broke it off,” she said quietly.


She heard him swallow a mouthful of coffee. “Eventually. I tried hard—so hard—to make her see. But then he and his friends went too far, hazing one of their little brothers.”


He sounded so cold, removed, and yet somehow so tormented. She grabbed her own mug to give her a reason to turn around and watch him as he finished his story.


“When she defended him over that, it spelled the end for us.”


Reese didn’t know what to say, besides, “I’m so sorry.”


He pushed himself off the wall and unkinked his neck. “It was a long time ago. A decade. Seems like three times that.”


That would have made him in his early twenties. She admired and respected his ability to put his convictions, his belief system, above his more immediate needs. She’d never been able to do that, until now. He’d helped her develop that strength.


And now she’d lose him because of it.

Books: Ashley Ladd!


cookingupastorm_800COOKING UP A STORM by Ashley Ladd
Available at Totally Bound

Other Buy links for Cooking Up A Storm:

Brooks and Rique desperately want to win a coveted chef’s job offered by an eccentric millionaire in paradise. Even more, Rique desperately wants to stay alive.

Brooks and Rique desperately want to win the head chef’s position offered by an eccentric millionaire Jonah Verleun on his beautiful, private but peculiar island that includes a zoo full of exotic animals, an amusement park and a monster shark tank beneath Jonah’s bedroom floor. While Brooks wants the job to escape his heartache and the lover who thwarted him, Rique is hiding from the mob, hoping to live long enough to pay them off with the prize winnings. Fierce competitors, they cook up a storm in a series of cooking challenges while trying to turn down the heat on their intense attraction. When a hurricane strikes the island, the storm Rique has been cooking up explodes, and no heart—or body—is safe.

They ran, hunched over, zigging and zagging as bullets flew around them. Rique damned himself for putting Brooks in this mess. He wondered if the mob held the others prisoner and that’s why they didn’t answer the door.
He turned the first corner they came upon and then the next. He stopped dead and the air left his lungs. A moment later Brooks ran into his back almost knocking him over. He swayed dangerously but managed to stay upright and spread his arms wide to keep Brooks from stumbling forward.
He couldn’t believe his eyes. One of Jonah’s tigers lay in their path crouching low, baring his teeth, and eying them as if they were dinner.
He tried to quell the jitters attacking his stomach so the animal wouldn’t smell his fear then whispered to Brooks through clenched teeth, “What do we do now? Freeze or run?”
“Run. But where?” Brooks whispered back, a frown trembling on his lips.
“To the closest protection.” He prayed their hunters had lost them, that they wouldn’t run back into a barrage of bullets. As Rique bunched his muscles to run, already feeling the animal’s fangs ripping into him, he noted how the tiger’s thick muscles corded in his shoulders, and how saliva ran down his snarling lips.
“Dear God, we’re going to die.” Panic laced Brooks’ voice. “If we get out of here alive, let’s both turn down the job and move in together.”
Swallowing hard, Rique couldn’t reply so he nodded. Besides, as much as he wanted to live with Brooks, he couldn’t do it as long as he was indebted to the mob. However, the point was moot. He couldn’t see a scenario in which one of them didn’t die in the next five minutes.
Feeling responsible, Rique couldn’t let anything happen to Brooks as long as he was alive. He would take on the tiger giving Brooks time to reach safety. “On the count of three, run!”
As Rique whispered, “One,” hisses, then a blood-curdling growl wrenched the air. It was a different sound than the tiger was making. Then a crocodile bellowed and jumped out of the bushes and snatched the tiger by its belly. As it dragged the struggling creature back to the bushes, the tiger howled in surprise and pain. It clawed the air in vain as the reptile’s powerful jaws clamped tighter biting through flesh and bone.

Available at Totally Bound:
Ashley_Ladd_bioBio: Ashley Ladd
Ashley Ladd lives in South Florida with her husband, five children, and beloved pets. She loves the water, animals (especially cats), and playing on the computer.

She’s been told she has a wicked sense of humour and often incorporates humour and adventure into her books. She also adores very spicy romance, which she weaves into her stories.
You can find Ashley at:


Books: Nina Crespo!


TMiYD_500coverWhat genre do your books fall into or is it a genre blended?

I primarily write contemporary romance. I’m also branching into contemporary, fantasy romance with a debut release in 2015.

What inspires you to write?

People, current events, and a strong dose of “what if” are my main inspirations.

Do you listen to music or set the mood somehow to get writing?

It depends. They’re building new homes where I live and playing music helps drown out the noise. Currently, Pitbull, Caro Emerald, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Major Lazer and Pharrell all have songs on my playlist.

Do you come up with the plot or characters first?

Plot is usually first. A story on the news, something I’ve read on the internet, people watching, they all have the potential to evolve into the next story.

Do you have a favorite book of yours?

Take Me If You Dare will always be at the top of the list because it’s my debut novella. It’s a story about risk. Following my passion to write was a big step for me.

Who would you consider an influence on your writing?

I don’t know that there’s anyone in particular that influences my writing. My husband, friends, writing coach and editors provide support and encouragement.

Tell me something quirky about yourself.

That’s a tough one. (Laughing) You’d probably have to ask my friends or husband that question. I think I’m perfectly normal, but then I do spend most of the day making up stories about imaginary people. Isn’t that quirky enough?


What do you aim to make people feel when they read your books?

I want to provide a fun, flirty escape that makes them curious about my next story.

What’s next for you?

The sequel to Take Me If You Dare is at the top of the list as well as stories outside of the Birthday Dare series. I’m excited.

Do you sing in the shower?

Of course, doesn’t everyone?


HeadshotBio: Nina Crespo lives in Florida where she indulges in her favorite passions — the beach, a good glass of wine, date night with her own real-life hero and dancing.
Her lifelong addiction to romance began in her teens while on a “borrowing spree” in her older sister’s bedroom where she discovered her first romance novel.
Curiosity about people and places, including what’s beyond the stars, fuels her writer’s imagination. This wellspring of inspiration allows Nina to create sensual contemporary stories and steamy paranormal tales, which she hopes will feed your own addiction for love, romance, and happily ever after.

Books: Dena Garson!


DG-RomCon1_6-2014What genre do your books fall into or is it a genre blended?
I write sensual romance – four are contemporary, one is paranormal and the other is fantasy. I’m still not sure what I’m going to be when I grow up. My newest is another contemporary.

What inspires you to write?
Other than a deadline??LOL. Normally I see a little movie playing in my head or I have a dream and I have to write it out. I’m getting better about at least making notes when it happens because if I don’t, I lose the thought.

Do you listen to music or set the mood somehow to get writing?
Nope. Actually, I prefer quiet when I write. Now… in my house, quiet is relative. The boys are ALWAYS making noise (if they’re not, I go look to see what’s going on because it can’t be good) and the TV is usually on. What I don’t like are constant interruptions while I’m trying to focus (Mom! He won’t let me play the game! Mom! He hit me! Mom! Ugggg.)

Do you come up with the plot or characters first?
Characters. I usually see a scene with one or the other of my main characters doing something and have to back into the story to find out who they are and how they got there.

Do you have a favorite book of yours?
I have three favorite books that I go back to time and again. Julie Garwood’s Guardian Angel, Karen Marie Moning’s Immortal Highlander, and Stephanie Lauren’s Devil’s Bride. I think I’ve read each of them more than a dozen times.
Now, if you mean a favorite out of the books I’ve written, I’d have to say Mystic’s Touch. For some reason the story flowed as I wrote it and I loved the characters.

Who would you consider an influence on your writing?
My mom. She told me from the cradle that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it. I remind myself of that every time I get stuck with a manuscript.

Tell me something quirky about yourself.
I love weird stuff. Seriously.Odd trivia. Myths, legends, historical facts, herbal remedies. Whatever. If it’s out of the norm it’s probably going to fascinate me.

What do you aim to make people feel when they read your books?
I read to escape and I want to feel good at the end so I try for that in my own books.

What’s next for you?
I’m working on a paranormal about werewolves. This is a first for me so I’m both nervous and excited about it.

Do you sing in the shower?
In the car, yes.Shower, no.


Dena Garson loves to read romance—the hotter the better. When one of her BFFs said “one of us should be writing this stuff”, she took up the challenge. If she isn’t writing, she’s designing jewelry but somehow she still manages to make it into the office on a regular basis.
Ellora’s Cave Author Page:
Amazon Author Central:

loss-of-control (2)My newest book, Loss of Control, just hit the electronic bookshelves on July 10th. Here’s a bit about it:

Jeanie’s lousy boss has sent her on yet another business trip. At least this one has a bonus—she gets to work with “Steve the Stud”, the office hottie who makes all the women weak-kneed, for the whole week. When she finds him to be smart and fun as well, she has no clue how she’ll finish the trip while staying professional.
Steve got burned the last time he dated a coworker and has vowed to never put himself in that position again, no matter how much he can’t stop thinking about Jeanie and her freckles. When Jeanie finds evidence of fraud, Steve works more closely with her than he imagined. It’ll take all his control to maintain his promise while Jeanie struggles with an ethical dilemma.
A Blush® contemporary romance from Ellora’s Cave.

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Ellora’s Cave:
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Weigh-in-Wednesday – Covers


Covers – How important are they?
I have to confess, a good cover will get you a second look. A great cover will get you an in depth “I must find out more about this book. A bad cover might get you a “Meh, probably not what I’m looking for.”

So let’s talk covers. I’ve had some good ones, some phenomenal ones and some that I would not have chosen myself if given the option. For the most part, unless you are self-publishing or handy at your own cover making, there is going to be some aspect that is completely out of your hands. I’ve been lucky to have far more “LOVE IT!” than not.

I hear that it’s important to not only have a good cover but one that looks good small. Not too busy and not to indicative of the story. You want something that draws the reader in and makes them stop long enough to read the blurb. Something that gives the mood of the story. Romantic suspense with a pretty heavy death toll might not be best represented by a puppy eating an ice cream cone, if you know what I mean.

My take on covers is pretty close to yours. The cover draws me in first. Like Misty, a good cover will get me to pick the book up (or click on it for an ebook). A bad one? I might look again if it’s an author I know, a genre I love, one that’s been recommended to me, or if the title is intriguing.

As for mine – the first one I ever had, I was excited to see my name on the cover of an actual book so I liked it, but honestly? Meh. It wasn’t great. While it did reflect a scene from the story (one of several I had recommended), it didn’t have the hero or heroine, no indication that it was a fantasy story, nothing. It was most definitely not my favorite. Since then, I’ve had some amazing covers from incredibly creative people. I have absolutely loved every cover since that first one. So I’ve been really lucky.

Not every author has as much input into their covers as I’ve been lucky enough to have. Some publishers give authors no input. I’ve talked with authors who have been given covers they absolutely hated, but there was nothing they could do about it. The publishers I’ve been with have all given me extensive forms to fill out and their artists create the covers from those suggestions. I will right now state for all that these people are amazing. They take a few sentences of description and come up with a visual representation that most often is amazing. Yes, some of them are caricatures that are more cartoon than art, but still, even some of those are really good.

So yes, it is the cover that draws me in, makes me look more closely at the book, but as always, it’s the writing that keeps me turning the pages. Once you get past that amazing cover, there had better be an amazing story behind it.