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It’s SUPER RELEASE DAY!!!!! Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Box Set


Hello out there!!!!! Today I am super excited to share with you SUPER RELEASE DAY! for the second volume of Paranormal Urban Fantasy through Harlequin.

Protective Ink_FC (2)Protective Ink by Misty Simon: Lissa MacLaughlin’s inking skills go beyond beautiful drawing. Her tattoos give the wearer the ability to tap into their own special powers. But when a mysterious enemy appears, Lissa’s longtime friend and one-time crush Jackson Freeling will need some protective ink of his own.

I’m one of four great books that you can get in this box set.

We also have Lisa Medley following up on Reap & Repent, with Reap & Redeem…

Reap & Redeem by Lisa Medley: A reaper who has given up on salvation, Kylen lives for nothing more than destroying demons. But when he accidently saves a dying woman, he rediscovers his mission—and his heart. Now all he has to do is fight off an invasion from Hell….

Emmie Mears with The Masked Songbird…

The Masked Songbird by Emmie Mears: As a mild-mannered accountant, Gwen Maule’s biggest worries were her crap job and her loser boyfriend. After sipping a fizzy drink that gives her superpowers, though, she has to figure out if she has what it takes to save Scotland’s capital from a crazed villain.

And Jackie Braun’s Mine Tomorrow…

Mine Tomorrow by Jackie Braun: Devin Abernathy has turned her love of the past into a thriving business. Of course she never imagined that one of her vintage finds could actually transport her back to 1945—and into the arms of the man of her dreams. Is the past where she’s meant to be?

Don’t miss out! And have a fab day!


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