Throwback Thursday: Natalie J Damschroder


Hey out there! We’re trying something new. Here at The Shebang there are no old book, or older books, just books you haven’t read yet 🙂 So in the interest of getting them some love we’re going to start showcasing them. First up, the ever lovely Natalie. Enjoy!


KissOfRevenge500Why I Wrote A Kiss of Revenge


When I originally got the idea for this book, I was targeting Silhouette Bombshell, a short-lived line of romantic adventure novels focusing on kick-ass female protagonists and their journeys. Reese was in my head first, a woman who’d been widowed more than once, who had a history of molding herself to be whatever her husband needed. She had just begun to break out of that pattern when someone tried to kill her and ended up tearing her life to pieces, instead.


I was intrigued by the breaking point. When does it become enough? What has to happen to make a person grab hold of life in both hands and wrangle it to the ground—for right or wrong? How can a woman be single-minded in her pursuit of something even when she knows what it can cost her? I admit I have this trait. I’ll be bullish about finishing something, achieving something, even when I’ve passed a reasonable point. Now for me, we’re talking not getting dinner made because I’m trying to finish a client project, or falling behind in something at work because something else took longer than I’d anticipated. For Reese, it’s losing the guy who might finally be the right one because she can’t give up her quest for vengeance.


I hope you enjoy it!


A Kiss of Revenge

Marriage is completely over-rated, especially after Reese Templeton’s quadratic failure. She’d rather settle down to a solitary life of owning a bakery—after she tracks down the man responsible for her husband’s death and making her a human Taser full of enough electricity to short out a city block or send a man into cardiac arrest with just one kiss.

But alluring P.I. Griffin Chase is stirring up those feelings of need again. Only this time, her desire to be in his arms has nothing to do with her fear of loneliness and everything to do with the current charging through her body every time he looks at her…touches her.

Griffin hasn’t remained at Reese’s side just because of the spark that has nothing to do with her super-human talents. He’s willing to compromise his rock-solid principles so she can find closure. But before they can move on, he must help her catch her late husband’s killer, staying on track before she has a chance to exact her revenge. Because leading Reese to jail in handcuffs may just break his heart for the final time.

A Kiss of Revenge
by Natalie J. Damschroder
Romantic Adventure/Romantic Suspense
Entangled Ignite, 2013
ISBN 13: 9781622662067

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“This book has definitely lots of mystery with action and suspense all rolled into one. On top of that the author even managed to add some romance and a twist in the mix. I would have to say this was a great read and the characters that she created each brought their own stories to make this one a better one.”—Sue Ellen at GirlyGirlBookReviews



Griff appeared in the archway, a mug of coffee in each hand. He set one next to the towels.


“Do you still intend to go through with this tonight?”


“Of course.” She dumped the pile of towels into the now-empty basket, set it aside, and started on a pile of socks. Matching and folding required focus so she didn’t have to look at him. “Are you okay with that?”




Surprised, she twisted to look at him. He was slumped against the doorway, shoulders drooping, and the light in his eyes had dimmed. “But?”


He shrugged his free shoulder and stuck his empty hand into his jeans pocket. “But we’ll do it anyway, if you’re sure.”


“I am.”


There was silence while she dug through the sock pile, looking for mates. A question pressed to the front of her brain. She tightened her tongue against it until the pressure became too much.






“How come you’re not married? Or engaged or something.”


He snorted. “Where did that question come from?”


“Oh, you know.” She waved a hand. “Random thoughts.”


He straightened and turned so his back was to the wall, but fastened his eyes on his feet instead of her. “I was engaged once.”


She inhaled silently against the sudden stab in her chest. “What happened?”


Griff’s inhale was long and loud, the breath he let out slow and tired. “It’s a long story, but she had a brother who was trouble. She didn’t think he ever did anything wrong. And I couldn’t stay in love with someone with selective morals.”


The last words rang into the silence. Reese’s hands had stilled, bunched around fistfuls of socks. She couldn’t turn, couldn’t offer the commiseration or comfort that he deserved.


“So you broke it off,” she said quietly.


She heard him swallow a mouthful of coffee. “Eventually. I tried hard—so hard—to make her see. But then he and his friends went too far, hazing one of their little brothers.”


He sounded so cold, removed, and yet somehow so tormented. She grabbed her own mug to give her a reason to turn around and watch him as he finished his story.


“When she defended him over that, it spelled the end for us.”


Reese didn’t know what to say, besides, “I’m so sorry.”


He pushed himself off the wall and unkinked his neck. “It was a long time ago. A decade. Seems like three times that.”


That would have made him in his early twenties. She admired and respected his ability to put his convictions, his belief system, above his more immediate needs. She’d never been able to do that, until now. He’d helped her develop that strength.


And now she’d lose him because of it.


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