Throw Back Thursday: Laura Strickland!


The Magic of Sherwood Forest


When my daughter was young she liked nothing better than playing Barbies with Mom. As soon as the supper dishes were done she would sidle up to me, her adorable pixie face all aglow with hope and ask, “Can we play Barbies?” Of course I always said, “Yes.” These were no ordinary Barbie dolls, mind you. We held no fashion shows and staged no date night scenes. Our Barbies inhabited Sherwood Forest, because my daughter so loved the legend of Robin Hood. The very handsomest Ken doll always got to play Robin. The area under the dining room table was the dungeon in Nottingham Castle and the edge of the sofa a cliff in Sherwood Forest. I got so into it, I sewed them all period costumes!


Little did I know then that someday I would write a Trilogy about the descendants of Robin Hood. In fact when I wrote the first book, Daughter of Sherwood, I had no idea it would be the first book of a Trilogy. Not until my editor told me she wanted to contract the book did it occur to me that the magical incidence of the number three in the story warranted a Trilogy. My editor, wonderful woman that she is, told me to go for it!


To date the first two books, Daughter of Sherwood and Champion of Sherwood have been released to enthusiastic reviews. The third book, Lord of Sherwood, releases tomorrow and will be available from Amazon and The Wild Rose Press. All three books, deeply invested in earth magic and enchantment, have their roots in the magical times I shared with my daughter way back when, and in our love for that time in history. I hope you’ll decide to spend some time in Sherwood Forest!


DaughterOfSherwood_w7891_750Daughter of Sherwood: The Guardians of Sherwood Trilogy Book One


Raised in the kitchens of Nottingham Castle, Wren has no idea she is the daughter of the legendary Robin Hood until she is summoned to Sherwood Forest. Since Robin’s death many years before, the resistance against Norman tyranny has been upheld by a magical triad, but now one of the guardians has died. With two young men, Sparrow and Martin, Wren must form a new triad with a bond strong enough to defend Sherwood’s magic. To one of them, she will also give her heart.

From the moment Wren bursts into his life, Sparrow loves her. But he knows she may choose his lifelong rival, Martin, as her mate. Martin wants Wren also, but Sparrow fears Martin is driven not by love but ambition. When Martin is captured and held at Nottingham Castle, will the conflict between love and duty destroy the triad?


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The Wild Rose Press


perf5.000x8.000.inddChampion of Sherwood: The Guardians of Sherwood Trilogy Book Two:


When Gareth de Vavasour, nephew of the Sheriff of Nottingham, is captured by the outlaws of Sherwood Forest and held for ransom, he knows he will be fortunate to escape with his life. Amid the magic and danger that surround him, he soon realizes his true peril lies in the beautiful dark eyes of Linnet, the Saxon healer sent to tend his wounds.

Granddaughter of Robin Hood, Linnet has always known she is destined to become a guardian of Sherwood Forest, along with her sister and a close childhood companion. She believes her life well settled until the arrival of Gareth. Then all her loyalties are tested even as her heart is forced to choose between love and the ties of duty, while Sherwood declares its own champion.



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The Wild Rose Press

And come back tomorrow for the third in trilogy…

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  1. Your ability to bring Sherwood Forest to life with an accurate recounting of the mores and beliefs of the age weaves a sense of magic throughout Daughter of Sherwood. Beautifully crafted! I’ve been saving Champion of Sherwood for the first cool autumn day for reading in front of the fire. Now I can add Lord of Sherwood to my rainy fall reading list! Best wishes for a successful release of Book Three!

  2. I just know LORD OF SHERWOOD is going to be as big a hit as the first two. Congratulations on completing the trilogy. Give your daughter a big kiss for inspiring a terrific series. I can’t wait to see what you have for us next. Good luck and great sales!

  3. I loved hearing about your inspiration with your daughter–simply magical! Looking forward to reading LORD OF SHERWOOD, Laura. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

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