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LEARNING-Soulmate 805_805x1275Peace has reigned for so long, most beings believe dragons are mere myths, including elf professor Dr. Lindy Veles. After meeting attractive Dr. Alex von Schreider—a surly professor from a bear shifter family who possesses plenty of paranormal power, yet can’t shift—things start to spiral downward. Especially when he catches Lindy’s strong shifter scent. Elves don’t normally shift. Alex finds the compelling elf’s denials suspicious. Lindy thinks he’s crazy to believe she’s a shifter.

As they delve into the ancient Dragon Chronicles, tomes about dragons, it quickly becomes clear their efforts are no mere academic exercise. Dragons are suddenly becoming all too real. When Lindy shifts into one, Alex discovers he’s meant to control her dragon—the most powerful creature on earth. The pair is caught in the middle of two raging battles . . . their own personal emotional war and the war to save their world.

With the clock ticking, Lindy and Alex must surrender their misconceptions about themselves and dragons, and unite to begin the fight for their very existence.


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D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and adores writing stories that resonate with others.


Twitter: @drgradybooks

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Google+: D.R. Gradybooks

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Something long dormant awoke. With a horrifying snarl, it shook itself and turned deadly eyes to the fracas. In an instant, the creature inside her took over.

It shoved her deep as it sprang forward.

Staring through eyes not hers, it uttered a war cry that stopped the action in the room. She snarled again, but not in her own voice.

Goosebumps popped out as Lindy’s vision turned red-hazed while her entire focus narrowed. She bared her teeth and spread impressive wings, also not her own. The creature, with her trapped inside, reared up and then hurtled into the space created by the high ceilings. A blaze of scarlet-like lightning blasted from her mouth as she plunged toward the antags, vaporizing everything in her path. The lethal cry erupted again, blasting her ear drums, reverberating around the room.

The creature acted independently of her, with its own thoughts and its power overwhelming her trembling elf. What do you want? It didn’t deign to respond. All she received was an overwhelming, purposeful intent.

To kill.

The creature bore down on the enemy but it failed to discern between friend or foe. The utter need to destroy everything in its path erupted with a force so powerful it left Lindy thrashing inside.

The creature reacted, sending out bursts of light that evaporated whatever stood in its way. This deadly light emitted from her mouth without her permission.

Lindy tried to scream but nothing came out as adrenaline spiked and knocked at her. Nausea swamped her as the light exploded around them, sent by a creature with no brake, no compass as to right or wrong.

She had to wrestle control away from whatever this was.

The creature spun, sending out light like it was candy, a deadly substance that didn’t discriminate between antags or students. Careful, those are students, don’t hurt the students

But the creature ignored her as if she were invisible and thus didn’t have a voice. Shaking and sweating, Lindy grappled for a way to reason with whatever had taken her over.

Focused solely on the antags, the creature’s intent beat at her like an icy wind. Destroy, an inner voice chanted in a deadly litany, the tone so powerful it plowed through anything listening.

Destroy, destroy, destroy . . .

Another snarl of rage, and the splintering of wood and shattering of glass followed by more screams filtered through. No, don’t hurt the students. Watch Blythe, you’ll kill her!

Ignoring her, the creature continued to wash the area in deadly, blood-red light. Then another presence overshadowed and took firm control of the creature.


He snatched hold with tremendous strength and enforced his will. By tamping the creature, the sights and chaos erupting all around her were manageable again.

Her vision cleared and her focus locked on the antags without the red haze. They surged forward again, all intent on something that was by no means normal antag behavior.

The insects swarmed purposefully. Their path of destruction made it evident they weren’t here for diplomatic reasons.

Someone had deliberately produced a very impressive army of veritable fighting machines. But why?


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