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GoAheadMakeMyBouquet_w9818_medGo Ahead, Make My Bouquet

Kissinger Kisses, Book Three

Dexter Zegray is up to his eyeballs in diapers and formula. That’s what happens when a baby that isn’t even his gets dropped off on his doorstep and his teenage brother – the father – decides to run off to “figure stuff out.” Dex wishes he could run away, too, but that’s not an option.

Zoe Bradley has for months successfully avoided getting caught in the Casanova trap that is Dex Zegray. But when he comes into Decadence with baby in tow, asking for help, she can’t resist the little girl or the man who might just be more than the philanderer name tag she’s assigned him.

Dex needs a nanny, and Zoe’s the only one with the time to do it. But will forced togetherness open Zoe’s eyes to his true charms? And why does it have to be precisely when he’s unavailable?

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He ran a hand over his hair, not knowing where to start but knowing he had to say something to diffuse the tension thickening the air. “Look, I know I handled the other day badly.”

She gave a little snort that could have been in disgust or a short burst of laughter. He had no idea which but had to power on, regardless.

“You do things to me, I admit it. If it were any other time, or a different set of circumstances, you know I would be on you faster than you could take your next breath.”

There was a hitch in that next breath, a sign he was not doing this right, or he was doing it right, but not for the result he knew he should want—for her to go back to professional and friendly, instead of tempting him to break his own rules.

“I really need you to be here for Phoebe. I can’t change how I feel about the best course of action with her. I have to give her my attention and my time. If you and I started anything, I wouldn’t be doing that. I’d be jeopardizing the best thing that’s come into her life recently.”

“Sure.” She crossed her arms over that chest he’d dreamed of. She had his own breath hitching, though more quietly.

“Look at how awkward we’re being, and all we did is kiss. Can you imagine if we slept together and then you decided you didn’t want us anymore? It’s not just my own needs I have to think about.”

“Why do you keep insisting that I’m going to be that fickle?”

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