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Welcome Heidi on the eve of your book release!

marrymeWhat genre do your books fall into or is it a genre blended?”

HWK: I tend to blend Fantasy and Romance. Occasionally I’d write Science Fiction. I’ve got a soft spot for escapist fiction with HEA.

“Marry Me” is definitely a blended genre book. ‘Fantasy Romance’ is probably the best way to describe it. It’s got magic and smooches. Historical Fantasy Romance, maybe? My story takes place in 1905 New York City. Our Hero enchants candy hearts to do his talking for him. But most of all, it’s got smooches.

Do you listen to music or set the mood somehow to get writing?

HWK: Goodness, no! I’m a musician in one of my other lives. Whenever I hear music, I get drawn into it, so I find sound a bit of a distraction when I write. As for ‘getting in the mood’ for writing, I’m to the point where all I have to do is sit down and say, “Today I am going to write.” (Took me a while to be able to do this. Years, actually.)

Do you have a favorite book of yours?

HWK: My favourite? You’d ask a mother which child’s her favourite? (Not saying she doesn’t have one. *whistles*)

My favourite of my books is a fantasy trilogy I’m currently shopping around. It’s based on the Greek Adrasteia myths mixed with a dash of colonial Americana, and a god who won’t take no for an answer. Doesn’t hurt that he looks a lot like Richard Armitage.

Who would you consider an influence on your writing?

HWK: My writing mentor Anne Wingate, author of the Deb Ralson series (and a whole lotta other books). She once told me, “Why on earth are you studying biology when you should be writing books?” She’s terribly embarrassed she said that, but she was terribly right. Writing books are my passion. How does a Crime author come to mentor a Romance author? Easy. We both love Sci-Fi.

Tell me something quirky about yourself.

HWK: I’m a polymath. While I got my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, my Master’s will be in science. When I’m not staring at the stars (or calculating Jeans mass for clouds of cold atomic hydrogen), I’m composing music. Alas, most of my other artistic pursuits have been pushed to the side so I have more time to focus on my writing career. But there will always be the stars and there will always be the music.

What do you aim to make people feel when they read your books?

HWK: I want people to escape. I want them to leave their mundane lives behind, with its sorrow and poopy diapers and the short end of pay week, to escape into the worlds I’ve created. Books were my lifeline as a child, a kind of emotional First Aid. I want to be able to give other readers that same method of escape. Life can really suck. Thank goodness we have books.

What’s next for you?

HWK: I’m currently exploring options for hybrid authors. Currently, all my books are commercially published. I love the teamwork of commercial publishing and I love how indie publishing offers authors a greater sense of control and timing. I’m currently working on a Regency Romance novella I plan on getting indie published.

Meanwhile, I have a ghost love story and an arranged marriage story earmarked for a small press. I’ve got that full-length Fantasy series on the query train, where some agent will fall deeply in love with it. Then she’ll have to negotiate a fierce battle between some random penguins before it hits the world like a virus. Maybe then I’ll learn the punchline to the joke “Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling and Heidi Kneale walk into a bar, and the bartender says…” Until then, I’ve got some inventory in need of revising.

Do you sing in the shower?

Of course. I was trained as a coloratura Mezzo-Soprano. We get the coolest roles.
heidikneale-smallBio:Heidi Kneale is an Australian author of moderate repute best known for her escapist fiction–especially Fantasy and Romance. She lives in Western Australia, near the ocean. Like most humans, she’s got a family. She also associates with the World’s Most Boring Cat. When not writing novels, she composes music and stares at the stars.

Social Media:

Twitter: @heidikneale
webpage: http://tinyurlcom/heidikneale


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  1. I’m fascinated by your combination of passions. My daughter’s main talent is math and main passion is music. She’s also an excellent writer, but dislikes it quite a bit. LOL

    I love the premise of this story. Congratulations on your release!

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