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Recap! The Ivy Morris Mysteries


Hi everyone!

Vicky and I thought we’d showcase our backlist over the next few weeks in case you’ve missed any of them or are looking for a holiday gift that won’t do you wrong (like Spaceballs toilet paper or the latest trend in neck scarves). So last week she posted about her Futuristic Romances and this week it’s my turn to talk about Ivy 🙂

The very first book came out in 2005. I continued the series for five books until 2009. Unfortunately the original publisher shut down but very fortunately The Wild Rose Press was willing to take a chance on them and put them all out again along with a brand new sixth book!

Ivy will always be my true love. She makes me laugh, shake my head and sigh in wonder. If you haven’t already, you should give her a try. Here are the covers and a link to my author website for your choice of buying options 🙂 Have a great day!