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Hi there!

Here I am again, spotlighting another series that I write. Thanks for reading!

Mel Hargrove owns a junkyard, but not a normal junkyard, just filled with discarded washing machines and tires. Of course not! In Mel’s junkyard every single thing there has a ghost attached to it. They’re wily, they’re sometimes helpful and always fun! So jump in to the Adventures in Ghostsitting series with Mel and her boyfriend Becker. You’ll love Mel’s sense of 80s style and Becker’s attempts at keeping sane in this wild world he’s just been introduced to.

The first three are individual short stories. The Wild Rose Press then very awesomely allowed me to have them put out in one paperback titled Adventures in Ghostsitting Volume One. I recently contracted a full-length novel in this series with Mel’s cousin as the lead character. It’s called Having A Ball! and will be out next year, followed by three more shorts which will then be put into another volume.

Get ready to laugh, gasp and cheer with Mel as she tries to wrangle her ghostly charges and stop otherworldly crime in her small town. Enjoy!

Adventures in Ghostsitting web page


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